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New music from musician, composer, producer Pete Lacey - Breathe

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

BREATHE, the new release from PETE LACEY is available on all music platforms worldwide.

BREATHE’s inspiration is Pete’s wife’s remission fighting cervical cancer.

“It’s the current point in time where we can just breathe, live life and enjoy every sunny day.”

The song; written in 2 parts, 2 keys, 2 tempos, 2 time signatures captures 2 different emotions but its main intent is to allow the listeners to take 5 minutes and just BREATHE.

Composed, produced, all instruments by Pete Lacey.

Mastered by renown engineer, Pete Doell - Dave Koz, Miles Davis, Toto, Steve Lukather, Joan Baez, John Waite, Bob Seger, REM, The Beach Boys.

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