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Mindstream - Medicinal Music for the Mind through Meditation

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

The impetus for these recordings was derived as a way to help manage my own stress. I've also been told that my music is healing and as a composer I'm a firm believer that sound vibrations are medicinal. As a caregiver, I've witnessed this first hand. The brain responds a certain way to music and that's intrinsic to everyone. A universal healer.

Why did I do an album that's so different than my usual jazz rockin' self? 

I'm a multi-faceted composer. While this is very different than my other albums, Mindstream is very much me at the core. I'm a softy that loves pretty music - "because it releases endorphins that help to relieve pain or stress, and boost happiness." (Medicinal News Today). Less stress. Less Pain. More Happiness. I'm in!

For me to meditate listening to my music, I first had to learn to meditate while playing piano. I had to learn to play differently; more gentle and suppressed than my normal style and I honestly found this a difficult transition at first. Instead of intense focus on playing, I had to do the opposite and just let the music happen. It became liberating. I was on to something. I had turned a corner.

Melodies are often flying around in my head so opening this musical Mindstream was also a way to tap in and release these pieces in their purest form; as they flowed from me from head through heart and to fingers on the piano and back again. Other than a few run throughs for arranging, I recorded them in one take on one day; a testament to my open Mindstream that weekend. This was a breakthrough for me and I know it can help others. (It already does.)

So here it is, Mindstream. A Method of Medicinal Music for the Mind through Meditation.

For maximum mindfulness, the song order should be played in album order. It is designed to first lower your breathing and progressively bring you back to a rejuvenated awakening. On this EP, I've also included a Mindstream Complete single; a medley of all songs in this order.

First, find a quiet place free of distraction. Get comfortable. 

Begin playing the first song, Breathful. Close your eyes. When the water stops and the chimes begin, exhale deeply and try to breathe with the tempo of the music. It doesn't have to be perfect. Stress relief begins with release and slowing down. 

Begin your meditation. Focus on one thing - your breathing, the piano melody or maybe the weaving of the soundscape underneath. Don't get distracted. Just concentrate on one thing. Soon, you will be lulled into your Mindstream as the songs progress. When the last chime sings at the end of the last song, Exuberate, you can awaken and take in a deep breathe.

You'll reduce your stress in about 10 minutes. Do this daily and I'm pretty sure you'll receive total consciousness, which is nice.

Mindstream will ALWAYS be offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD from and available for streaming/download from all online platforms.

The songs (in play order):

1) Breathful

2) Mindstream

3) Ocean Traveler

4) Earth Girl (Reimagined)

5) Exuberate

6) Mindstream Complete (Medley)

Everyone desires stress relief so please share with everyone you know.

I welcome your personal experiences and feedback. 

Welcome to Mindstream. Happy Meditating.


Cervical Cancer Cervivor Ambassador and International HPV Awareness Activist,

Carol Lacey; deep in her Mindstream.

"Music has played a huge part in my cancer journey. Chemo playlists were created to soothe and calm me. Mindstream unravels my cancer thoughts and quiets my mind. I think anyone facing an illness will find great comfort in Mindstream."

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